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“Specializing in Soccer recruiting videos made by coaches for coaches”



Package Options
*For each package, a player profile must be completed prior, which includes personal, academic, and athletic information necessary for the recruiting video. 

Premier Package: 
You bring the video footage with an annotated list of the plays that you would like placed on your video. We will edit the footage, add player identification symbols, player biography, personal contact information, text and other graphics to make a recruiting video.

Premier Plus Package: 

You provide us with up to four games of footage, we will use our professional soccer coaches that are on our staff to analyze and choose the highlights worthy of showing the total player for the final video.  Next, we will edit the footage, add player identification symbols, player biography, personal contact information, text and other graphics to make the recruiting video easy to view by coaches.

We will do all of the analysis after an interview with the client to discuss the personal, athletic, and performance skills to be highlights.

Each Package also includes:

  • Each highlight video will be made within 10-14 days (may take longer for Premier Plus Package).
  • Athlete’s Contact Info
  • Customized player introduction
  • Athletic and Scholastic Achievements Highlighted
  • Player identification icons
  • Up to 8 minutes of video
  • Each video will be provided to you before the video enters the final publishing stage, so you can provide feedback before the final edit.
  • Highlight video delivered electronically: A youtube link that is “unlisted” will be sent to you with your video. (You can choose to make it public if preferred) This link can be sent to college coaches when contacting them. It can also be used to be uploaded with any of the college recruiting websites (CaptainU, Recruit me, etc.)
  • If you would like, you will also be provided with one DVD copy of the video to make extra copies.

Video Recording Requirements: If you plan to provide us with footage of your own, please try to adhere to the following.

  • Please make sure a tripod is used to steady the camera.
  • If you can, try to be higher than the field level (stand on bleachers, bench, higher platform, etc.)
  • Try to keep as much of the play in the view as possible: Our editing team can zoom in later on, and we don’t want your camera angles to lose plays.
  • Keep sound or play by play to a minimum near the camera. Our editing team can mute the sound if necessary but coaches like to hear the reactions of the crowd, other players,  or coaches.

Do you want BTB Sportsmedia to film your games?
If you would like us to film the player using our high definition equipment we also offer that option. Our videographer will follow the player throughout the game to guarantee that all quality moments both in and out of the plays are recorded. We can also professionally tape your game in full if you prefer.
Other Products:


  • We also provide motivational videos using team footage.
  • Video montages
  • Season Highlights or Recaps
  • If it involves a video as the final product, we can do it!