Our Mission is to Provide Quality Football for All! Eastern FC is a soccer club that is focused on player development to the premier, college, professional, and beyond. Pride, Passion, Professionalism, Integrity, and Respect are at the foundation of our v

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National Premier League Champions Cup
2013 Third Place (U16 Lancers)

National Premier League
2013 (U16 Lancers)

2014 (U17 Lancers)

US Club New York State Cup

2018 (01 Real)

2015 (U9 Magic)

2013 (U18 Chiefs)

US Club Soccer National Champions
2010 (U14 Lancers-RUNNER UP)
2009 (U17 Boys- NY Lions-RUNNER UP)
2009 (U16 Girls- Cheetahs- CHAMPIONS)
2007 (U13 Boys- Magic- CHAMPIONS)
2007 (U16 Boys- Rangers-RUNNER UP) 

US Club Soccer Regional Champions
2013 (U16 Boys-Lancers)
2012 (U14 Boys-Reds)
2012 (U16 Boys-Super Group-Blues)
2011 (U17 Boys-Magic)
2011 (U13 Boys- Reds)
2011 (U14 Boys-Revolution)
2010 (U13 Boys- Lancers)
2010 (U14 Boys- Blues)
2010 (U15 Boys- Chiefs)
2009 (U17 Boys- NY Lions)
2009 (U15 Girls- Cheetahs)
2008 (U15 Girls- Bobcats)
2008 (U14 Girls- Cheetahs)
2007 (U16 Boys- Rangers)
2007 (U13 Boys- Magic)
2007 (U13 Girls- Cheetahs)

US Club Regionals- Runner Up

2013 (U17 Blues)
2011 (U15 Blues)
2011 (U14 Lancers)
2010 (U16 Samba)
2009 (U13 Panthers)
2008 (U14 Boys- Magic)
2005 (U14 Girls- Cougars)

USYSA Northeast Regional League Champions
2011 (U14 Lancers) & Winner of the Final Playoff Match

USYSA Northeast Regional League
2009 (U16 Magic)
2011 (U14 Lancers) 

US Youth Soccer Region 1: Finals
2nd Place 1999 (U14 Storm) 
3rd Place 1993 (U12 Gunners) 

New York (ENYYSA) State Cup Semi-Finalists
2010 (U18 Lions)
2011 (U14 Lancers)
2011 (U15 Blues)
2012 (U16 Blues)
2013 (U17 Blues)

Connecticut (CJSA) StateCup Champions:
2006 (U12 Magic)
1999 (U14 Storm)
1998 (U18 Kicks)
1993 (U12 Gunners)

Connecticut (CJSA) StateCup Runners-Up:
1999 (U19 Kicks)
1999 (U18 Gunners)
1997 (U17 Kicks)
1995 (U12 Predators)
1994 (U19 Hatters)
1994 (U16 Strikers)
1994 (U14 Kicks)
1994 (U12 Rangers)
Eastern New York State Premier League Champions
2010 (U13 Lancers)
2010 (U18 Lions)
2011 (U15 Blues)
2011 (U16 Chiefs)
2011 (U17 Magic)

Hudson Valley League Champions (HVYSL-ENYYSA)
2009 (U13 Lancers)
2010 (U14 Blues)
2010 (U16 Samba)